How to submit, sponsor and a little background on Godly.

Who's behind Godly?

Godly was founded by and curated by Rejiggle in July 2021.

Founded in 2021, Godly is a creative feed by Rejiggle. We aim to publish multiple top-tier websites per day in the hope our platform serves as a resource for those interested in all things web and interactive design.

We take pride in our selections and strongly value quality over quantity. We have a reputation to upkeep for our carefully selective curation of some of the most incredible websites on the Internet.

So far we've featured over 1,000 websites.

Do you design?

We also are behind the fast-paced design studio Endless.

Yes, we also have a design agency.

In May of 2023 we launched Endless randomly one weekend, after which it became very successful very quickly.

Endless is a design subscription agency that focuses primarily on product design. So far have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping improve their conversions through the use of design.


Reach thousands of creatives for 30 days at a time on Godly.

We are currently accepting applicants to advertise on Godly feeds for April 2024 and beyond. By advertising on Godly you get immediate exposure to highly-engaged creatives.

If you have a product or service you feel resonates with our audience, and you want to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of creatives for a 30 day period, reach out and we'll see if you're a fit.

[email protected]


Submitting to Godly costs you nothing but an email and a url.

It costs nothing to submit. Whether you're an agency, small studio, freelancer, student, or even an astronaut, we'd love to see what incredible design you've been working on.

However, the websites featured on Godly are highly curated and submission of a website is not a guarantee of being featured.

Should your website get featured, you will likely get a response. However, with so many submissions we cannot inform you whether or not you have been featured, nor give any feedback.

We're also very busy and get hundreds of submissions. If you haven't heard from us, it's also highly possible we might not have gotten to your submission just yet.