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Founded in 2021, Godly is a creative feed by Rejiggle. We take pride in our selections and strongly value quality over quantity.

We aim to publish multiple top-tier websites per day in the hope our platform serves as a resource for those interested in all things web and interactive design.

So far we have featured 1k+ websites.

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We occasionally work with brands.

But only brands we strongly believe you will find interesting. It costs a lot to keep Godly running, and we mostly rely on the sale of goods on our shop to keep the lights on.

Applications are currently open to apply to advertise on Godly.

If you find Godly useful, and are feeling generous, purchasing design goods from our shop—however little—is the best way to support us.

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We offer 3 different licenses on our products.


For personal and commercial use, with no user limits applied.


A single license for solo designers, developers and freelancers.


A licence for up to 20 users. Perfect for agencies or startups.

All licenses can be used for personal or commercial projects, they only differentiate upon team size.


It costs nothing to submit. Whether you're an agency, small studio, freelancer, student, or even an astronaut, we'd love to see what incredible design you've been working on.

However, the websites featured on Godly are highly curated and submission of a website is not a guarantee of being featured.

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