The fastest UI kit and design system for Figma


Starter enables thousands of designers around the world to rapidly generate high-quality landing pages in Figma in just minutes.

Complete design projects faster
Design consistently and professionally
Juggle multiple projects effortlessly

"Starter is so good it feels illegal. It took me way too long to pull the trigger on getting it, but I can't even begin to imagine how much time it's saved me since then."

Caleb Jolliffe
Caleb Jolliffe

By investing just $97, you get access to the most powerful UI kit and design system for Figma. Starter allows you to experiment with and design landing pages in minutes, not weeks. This gives you the opportunity to handle more client projects at once increasing your revenue potential. Still not sure? Just ask yourself, "Can a UI kit and design system like Starter save me a few hours in a design project?" If you had to think about it, chances are, it's a yes. Oh, and you also get free updates for life.

Global styles500+
Design system
Auto layout
Mobile layouts
Nested instanced
Size109 MB
Web Browser Mockups

Web Browser Mockups

iPhone 14 Pro Device Mockup

iPhone 14 Pro Device Mockup

Vibrancy 01

Vibrancy 01