The fastest UI Kit and Design System for Figma


Starter is the fastest and most advanced UI kit and design system for Figma, enabling thousands of designers around the world to rapidly generate high-quality landing pages in minutes.

Loved by 1k+ creatives

3k+ components

We’ve thought of everything you need to design websites.

500+ styles

Switch global colours and fonts in an instant to match your brand.

Scalable type system

Our type scale has been optically adjusted for better reading.

1k+ icons

Beautifully crafted icons to elevate any design project.

Smart components

Built using Auto Layout 4.0 and component properties.

Base components

We’ve made all the boring little components so you don’t have to.

Responsive layouts

Every web component has a matching mobile layout.

Free updates

One small upfront investment and free updates for life!

Figma toolbar

Stop wasting your valuable time recreating the same components from scratch. Starter allows you to get a head start on everyone else, reducing the time to complete projects by up to 50x. This means you can take on more projects and increase your revenue potential.

Anuj Prajapati

I sat in my chair absolutely stricken by how easily I could mock up almost any business idea in 10x less time. It felt dirty good, like a cheat code.

Anuj Prajapati
Brand Designer

Your brand new design process

Designing landing pages with Starter is straightforward and does not require any expert knowledge or design skills. As long as you have a basic understanding of Figma, you can quickly create mockups for any design project.

1. Choose your components

Choose from 3k+ components and variants, we’ve covered all the different sections of a landing page you will ever need.

2. Switch layout variants

Swap any component in an flash by changing the layout variant. Each component also has a matching mobile layout for instant responsive designs.

3. Craft unique layouts

Starter is deliberately unopinionated so you can mix and match every layout to create a brand new design every time.

Perfect for any design project.

4. Brand your layouts

It's time to get your creative boots on. Once you're happy with your layout, change the copy, switch the colours and add images.

And just like that, you have a high-quality and beautiful design ready to share with the world, and it took you just a fraction of the time.

Customise it to your needs

Need to change the colours and fonts to suit a specific brand? No problem, Starter is built from the ground up using global styles which can be modified easily to suit any project.


Did we mention that Starter also includes documentation and guidelines for how to use colour and typography? This makes it a breeze for developer handoff.

Experiment fast, pefect later

Quickly stack and swap sections until you have put together something spectacular that suits your project's demands. Once you're happy with your layout, switch out the content and images then change the colour styles—easy.


A design that would have taken weeks now only takes a few minutes. But what about the mobile version? No problem. Each section has a mobile toggle for instant responsive design.

Quality is rare

Starter is designed meticulously from the ground up utilising the most advanced Figma features, allowing you to design high-quality landing pages faster and easier than ever.


We created our own UI kit and design system because most popular ones lack in size and quality. Starter is designed to be neutral and unopinionated, allowing for fast experimentation and versatile application to any design project.

Brandon Oxendine

Some of the best money I've ever spent. Listen... I'm not usually the kind of guy who is using templates and stuff but this is just so well made.

Brandon Oxendine
Freelance Designer


Pay once, use forever.

Global styles
Design system
Mobile layouts
Auto layout
Nested instances
109 MB


Got a question we haven't covered? Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

By investing just $97, you get access to the most powerful UI kit and design system for Figma. Starter allows you to experiment with and design landing pages in minutes, not weeks. This gives you the opportunity to handle more client projects at once increasing your revenue potential. Oh, and you get free updates for life.

Still not sure? Just ask yourself, "Can a UI kit and design system like Starter save me a few hours in a design project?" If you had to think about it, chances are, it's a yes.

iPhone 14 Pro Device Mockup

iPhone 14 Pro Device Mockup

Vibrancy 01

Vibrancy 01

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