Distribute yourself across Godly for 1 week.

Are you looking to reach an ever-growing audience of creators to promote your brand, product or service? Target thousands of highly-engaged designers, developers and all other kinds of creators by running a week long campaign.

Since launching in July 2021, Godly has quickly amassed an audience of creatives from all over the world. So far we have featured 533 websites with users returning daily to check in on the latest design trends.

All eyes on you

Throughout your campaign, you will remain stuck in the 3rd position of all major feeds. You will not budge even a little when new content is added.

We only ever run one campaign at a time, this ensures maximum exposure to your brand.

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Featured in the newsletter

As well as spawning everywhere on Godly, you will also make a headline appearance in the weekly roundup newsletter, which currently goes out to 1,744 creatives every Monday.

Here, you take the top spot.

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We don't work with everyone that approaches us. Much like our content, we're very selective on what we advertise to our users too.

It's important that your ad is something our users find interesting and engaging. If this sounds like you, or if you have any other questions or enquiries, reach out.